What is happening in Golders Green Crescent?

Barnet Council has installed planters and seating at the mouth of Golders Green Crescent as a pilot closure, to test the creation of a community space in this area of the town centre.

Why is the council piloting this closure?

In 2020 Barnet Council adopted the Golders Green Town Centre Strategy. This strategy was developed with engagement from the community to identify ways to make improvements to Golders Green. As part of the consultation process, the community identified the creation of a greener public space at mouth of Golders Green Crescent as a priority.  

The council is now working towards implementing some of the projects identified in the Golders Green Town Centre Strategy. A pilot closure allows the council to understand the impact on the town centre and utilise the findings in permanent improvements.

If you would like to find out more about the Golders Green Town Centre Strategy, please visit www.barnet.gov.uk/goldersgreen

What is going to happen in this space?

The closure has been implemented to create space for community events, add greenery and encourage people to spend more time in Golders Green. A number of community events are planned, including a family art event on the 18th of June and the Eco Show and Tell on 30th July.

Were residents and businesses consulted?

Letters were sent to residents and businesses in the area surrounding the pilot closure. The pilot closure is in place using an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order. This allows the wider consultation process to happen throughout the implementation. Feedback can be sent to [email protected] 

How is parking impacted?

No parking spaces have been removed or suspended as part of this initiative.